Former Wet Wet Wet bassist GRAEME CLARK turned to drink after the chart-topping Scots band split in 1997.

The guitarist was devastated when the group went their separate ways after frontman Marti Pellow descended into heroin addiction.

Clark says, "When the Wets split, I drank heavily and cried a lot. That was the fall-out as I became depressed. Everything stopped and life grew to a halt.

"I had no inclination to go out or do anything. It made me realise how fast the pace was when we split. A big part of my life had stopped and I couldn't get my head around it.

"For six months I was depressed. I sat around and moped all day. That bred bitterness and my mum called and told me to pull myself to together. Her simple words helped me."

Now both Clark and Pellow are sober and have rejoined bandmates TOMMY CUNNINGHAM and NEIL MITCHELL to perform gigs in December (04) and release a greatest hits album in October (04).

07/07/2004 13:45