Wet Wet Wet singer Marti Pellow has called on politicians in his native Scotland to offer voters the real facts ahead of a historic referendum to decide if the country should be independent from the rest of Britain.

Voters will go to the polls next year (14) to vote on Scotland's future and decide whether or not it should leave the U.K. and operate as a self-sufficient nation.

Now Pellow, who hails from Glasgow, has called on Scottish first minister Alex Salmond and his government to provide voters with all the facts so they can make the right decision, and urged them not be railroaded into agreeing to independence.

He tells Britain's Daily Record, "Scotland is not dictated by a border or a passport. It is defined by our culture and our art and our passionate nature. We have given so much to the world and we have a strong identity. That is something we will never lose. That is not dictated by a border. It is dictated by the people.

"We need to have an informed opinion in the independence referendum. But we need all the information so that we can make a judgment based on the facts. That has to be made available to us and be accessible."