Irish boy group - boy might be stretching it a touch at this stage - Westlife announced last October that they were going to bow out of the business as a collective, following a career of 14 years. Now it's been revealed that their final show, at Dublin's mammoth Croke Park stadium, will be screened live in cinemas in the UK and Ireland as well as more than 200 cinemas across nine countries including Belgium, Denmark, Estonia and Norway, according to the Bbc.
In a statement, the band didn't make comment that this might make them a nice little retirement earner some thirty years or so before most normally hang up their work togs, but they did say "It is bound to be a hugely emotional night and we expect to have tears in our eyes for nearly every song." Continuing, they added "The fact that the show will be beamed to our fans in cinemas around the world only adds to our excitement."
Westlife burst into the public consciousness in 1999 with their debut single 'Swear It Again' going straight in at the top spot of the UK singles chart, their subsequent self-titled debut taking second spot in the album charts. From there, they never looked back, achieving a phenomenal 14 more UK single number ones and selling more than 44 million records worldwide.