Westlife hunk Nicky Byrne is set to get a taste of his own medicine on his stag night, if his mischievous bandmates have their way.

The blonde UNBREAKABLE heart-throb is planning a stag weekend in his native Ireland before he marries sweetheart GEORGINA AHERN, who is the daughter of the Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern, but he had better watch his back.

Fellow Westlifer Mark Feehily confides, "He's a proper prankster. He's forever playing tricks, like writing on our faces when we're asleep on planes. So we have to get him back.

"We'll have to have a bit of a mad one to give him a good send-off before he dives into married life."

Mark adds of the couple's August (03) ceremony to be held in Paris, "The wedding is going to be good fun. It's going to be in keeping with their relationship, which is a fairytale one. They met at school and are still so much in love."

Following the Parisian wedding the couple will look for a French home, as the groom himself confirms, "We are looking around for property in the south of France at the moment. I'd love to have a place there."

08/06/2003 10:40