Westlife hunk BRYAN McFADDEN is being sued by lapdancer AMY BARKER for libel - after he denied having sex with her on his stag night.

Barker claims McFadden had sex with her in October 2001 before marrying Kerry Katona and alleges he later tried to buy her silence for $24,000 (GBP15,000).

She claims to have been furious that when the story surfaced he rubbished her claims in the national press.

The single mum-of-two, 29, is alleging the FLYING WITHOUT WINGS hitmaker persuaded her to have sex with him, took cocaine during the drunken encounter and later portrayed her as a liar.

Amy says, "We started off having sex and after about a minute I pulled away and performed a sex act on him. I didn't enjoy it and it was over in three minutes. He was only concerned about his own needs.

"There was no feeling to it. When he finished, he got up, didn't look at me, didn't say a word and walked out."

Barker claims McFadden later begged her not to tell anybody what he had done, and persuaded her to sign a contract that would buy her silence - something she later reneged on because she says she wanted to expose his hypocrisy.

When the story surfaced, McFadden heavily denied the allegations saying, "It's s**t. I don't want to talk about it."

McFadden will contest Barker's libel case, and his band is standing strong behind him.

A spokesman for the UNBREAKABLE group says, "We deny all the allegations and we will defend any action made against Bryan McFadden."

Manager Louis Walsh adds, "I've never met the woman. I never want to meet the woman. I don't know where this nightclub is. Her story is absolutely, one hundred per cent untruth."

McFadden wed Katona, a former singer with Atomic Kitten on 5 January 2002, and the couple have two young daughters - MOLLY and LILY SUE.

17/08/2003 12:56