Westlife are determined to carve out an enduring career as a four piece band, following the departure of BRYAN McFADDEN last month (MAR04).

The Irish boy band want to prove that, unlike other five piece groups who broke up after the loss of a band member, they will continue their success without McFadden, who quit to spend time with his family.

Singer Shane Filan explains, "We're all very positive, we're very determined to show the world we're not like THE Spice Girls or Take That.

"People thought we were splitting up a year and a half ago - we didn't. We did a very successful album and now we're doing a tour on the back of it. The media are always trying to make out it's going to be over for us - it's happening again and we've got to fight it.

"Obviously Bryan leaving was a big shock but now we're going to defy the odds again. We want to stick around for the next five years. We enjoy it too much to stop.

"Bryan wasn't happy but the rest of us were so there's no point in stopping.

"We really feel we've got a point to prove, to show the world we can do it as a four piece. Bryan not being there is hard, but we've got to get on with it. The tour helped - we went straight from the press conference to rehearsals so didn't have time to sit around thinking about it."

05/04/2004 17:38