Westlife hunk Nicky Byrne has launched a scathing attack on former SPICE GIRL MELANIE CHISHOLM - after she labelled the Irish boyband "c**p" on live TV.

The furious singer has slammed Mel C after she criticised the band during a debate with their manager Louis Walsh on British TV show CD:UK last Saturday (17MAY03).

The feisty singer accused the boys of being "back in the dark ages" and claimed they could "release any old c**p and it would sell".

Nicky has angrily retaliated, "She is absolute c**p - with a capital C. Funny was, listening to what Mel C was saying I thought, 'OK, I'll listen to her.'

"And then about five minutes later she comes on stage and she sings a very boring song - with a pair of jeans on, and with a band behind her.

"And I thought to myself, 'Well, if we're living in the dark ages and aren't modern, I'd like to know what age she thinks she is in,' because to me she was absolute c**p."

21/05/2003 02:23