Irish boyband Westlife have admitted that they hate some of their hit songs - labelling them "rubbish."

The syrupy balladeers also slam producers for changing the tone of their self-penned hit BOP BOP BABY.

Singer SHANE FILAN says, "I told a DJ that I was annoyed about Bop Bop Baby. Both BRYAN McFADDEN and I were mad because we wrote it and the single sounded so different to the original. And I said we'd never release a rubbish song like MISS YOU NIGHTS. I don't think UNBREAKABLE was a very good song either."

Bandmate Kian Egan chimes in, "I don't think Miss You Nights and QUEEN OF MY HEART are good songs. They're not the best we've done. We can do better."

And Bryan has something to say about their recent Greatest Hits package, released last year (02).

He says, "The whole Greatest Hits album was a rush job. There's no way we'll sing Miss You Nights on the tour - it's a rubbish song. I hated it from the first moment I heard CLIFF RICHARD singing it."