Irish band Westlife are furious their performance at last night's (15SEP04) WORLD MUSIC AWARDS was cut from the televised version, which aired in 160 countries.

The FLYING WITHOUT WINGS group hoped coverage of their set with ALICIA KEYS and Usher at the Las Vegas show would raise their profile in America, and are extremely disappointed.

A source says, "Obviously, the lads are hugely disappointed to miss out on taking part in the main show.

"They were so thrilled to be asked to perform alongside the likes of Alicia Keys and USHER, and really thought this was their chance to appeal to a huge international audience.

"This would have been the ideal platform from which to do that.

"Obviously, communications have broken down somewhere - their involvement was oversold but, at the end of the day, it's a great place for them to network."

16/09/2004 14:06