Irish boy band Westlife insist they will never welcome former member Brian McFadden back the group, insisting there is "no room" for him now. MCFadden split from the FLYING WITHOUT WINGS group in March 2004 to start a solo career, which has failed to match the success of Westlife. Despite recent rumours the group were planning to work with MCFadden again, Westlife insist they will continue to remain a four-piece. SHANE MCFILAN, 27, says, "We would never have him back. We definitely wouldn't rule out singing with him again, but we're three years without him now and we're so used to being a four piece. He's got a different life now." NICKY BYRNE, 28, adds, "Let's put the record straight - there's no room for Brian in Westlife now. I haven't had this conversation with Brian, but there's no reason for him to want to be in Westlife now anyway."