With a new album in the pipeline, Westlife have warned fans to prepare themselves for a change in musical direction.

The Irish boyband have not made a studio album since WORLD OF OUR OWN in 2001, and in the two years since they've come up with plenty of ideas about new things they would like to try in the studio.

Heart throb Nicky Byrne, who is set to marry childhood sweetheart GEORGINA AHERN in the summer (03), says, "I don't think there's any point in making another album if we're not going to change a little."

And bandmate Mark Feehily adds, "At the end of the day it's pop music and pop is meant to change all the time. We're not getting bored yet, but if we did the same stuff for another album I think we would. Change is important, both for us and the fans. We're not going to become a rock band but it's going to be exciting."

Promising the fans a great new album - hopefully in time for Christmas (03) - Nicky adds, "The music is only going to get better. We haven't made an album in almost two years now, so we haven't been experimenting in the studio for ages and we're really hungry for it. We want to set that fire ablaze again."

19/06/2003 02:26