Irish boyband Westlife have been fired by their current manager Louis Walsh twice - because the music mogul thought the bandmembers were turning into "arrogant little rock stars".
The Flying Without Wings hitmakers were signed by American Idol judge Simon Cowell during his time as an executive at record label BMG, and Boyzone mentor Walsh took over management duties.
But their professional relationship with Walsh has been marred by a series of bust-ups, with the manager dismissing them from his roster shortly after they first shot to fame in the 1990s.
He eventually forgave them and took them back, but fired them again just two years later.
Singer Shane Filan explains, "He's fired us twice! He thought we were being arrogant little rock stars and said, 'Look I can't deal with you.' Two years later the same sort of thing happened again - he just got a vibe that we were a little bit too big for our boots. We were all genuinely devastated. I was crying."