Former Westlife hunk BRYAN McFADDEN has given himself six months to record a solo album - and hired Enrique Iglesias's writing team to help him.

The FLYING WITHOUT WINGS star, 24, is determined to follow the route taken by ex-TAKE THAT star Robbie Williams and become bigger than the band which launched him.

So he's turned to acclaimed writers PAUL BARRY and Mark Taylor, who are holed up with him in the studio carving out tunes - at his own expense.

A source says, "Bryan's deadly serious about becoming a massive solo star and has backed himself with his own money.

"He thinks he can rely on Westlife's fans to buy his records. He's signed to a new record label and they've told him to do whatever it he must to make it big.

"Brian's a great writer. His lyrics are good, but melodies are his speciality, so he's spending most of his advance on writers.

"Brian's strategy is simple: bag all the people who've written hits for big names solo stars like Robbie, Enrique and Cher."

25/07/2004 21:37