Former ATOMIC KITTEN KERRY McFADDEN has dismissed speculation she lost weight with the aid of slimming pills - insisting she stuck to natural methods.

Bubbly Kerry - who has two children with Westlife hubby BRYAN McFADDEN - puts the reports down to her appearance on British lunchtime TV chat show LOOSE Women.

She says, "I've actually managed to lose about half a stone in a perfectly healthy way.

"We were talking on Loose Women about me taking slimming pills but the truth was I was in a chemist and I bought some herbal slimming tablets.

"I only remembered to take two because I'm terrible when it comes to taking pills, hence the two babies. I don't even think they work, to be honest.

"I lost half a stone purely from running around after the kids and, as for eating, I've got into a healthy routine of making sure I eat breakfast and having smaller meals. And I've also been going to the gym."

23/10/2003 21:09