Westlife hunk Nicky Byrne is still hoping his Irish boy band will break America, if the current trend for rock goes out of fashion.

The FLYING WITHOUT WINGS singer - who has enjoyed massive success in Europe and Asia - dreams of cracking the lucrative American market, and reckons Westlife stand a good chance as the most popular boy band in the world.

Nicky says, "America is still in the pipeline. Who knows what will happen? We could outlive the big American rock thing that is going on just now there.

"In two years time, pop might be the new big thing over there and what better than being the biggest boy band in the world when you go to break America."

Singer Kian Egan adds, "If American record labels turn around and say they feel the American public are willing to accept a band like us, then we'll jump on it straight away."

28/11/2003 14:24