West Wing star Richard Schiff feared a career backlash over his new religious-themed comedy THE INFIDEL.
The Emmy winner took a pay cut to jet to London and shoot the low budget comedy, about a Muslim who discovers he was adopted and is really Jewish.
Schiff, whose character teaches Omid Djalili's Muslim how to be Jewish, embraced the opportunity to work in the U.K. on a smaller production.
But he admits having hesitations about the subject matter, telling WENN, "You don't know how something is going to turn out. And it's always possible it might take a left turn somewhere.
"You're walking a line on very sensitive issues."
But he insists anyone who is offended by the film has got the wrong idea, adding, "It's only the people who look around for something to be upset about who will be offended by this.
"When you go along to see a comedy, you should be thinking 'What can I laugh at here? Not, what can I be offended by here?'''