Wesley Snipes, the American actor and star of 'Blade', will continue his 36-month prison sentence for failing to file tax returns, after his latest appeal was turned down on Monday (6th June 2011), reports the Los Angeles Times. Wesley Snipes was convicted in a Florida federal court on three misdemeanour counts of wilful failure to file income tax returns.
An appeals court decided last July that the maximum sentence of three years was "well within" the "considerable discretion" of the U.S. District court. Snipes began his prison-time in December 2010 after being free for two years on bail. Eight days into his sentence, the actor asked to be released on bail while his attorney worked on his appeal, but this request was rejected. Eddie Kahn and Douglas Rosile, the men who reportedly told Snipes he didn't have to file tax returns from 1999 to 2005, were convicted of felony tax fraud and conspiracy in 2008. The pair's advice helped the Hollywood actor file false refund claims for millions of dollars. It is alleged that he earned in the region of $40 million and paid no income tax during the six year period in question.
Before his imprisonment last year, Wesley Snipes starred in the action-adventure movie 'Game of Death' with Zoe Bell and Aunjanue Ellis. Snipes played a Secret Ops agent who is sent to Detroit to assassinate an arms dealer.