Rapper KIRK 'STICKY FINGAZ' JONES has signed to star as Marvel Comics' vampire slayer BLADE, after Spike TV greenlighted a small screen version of the comic strip hero's adventures.

The ONYX star, 35, is looking forward to the acting challenge, and hopes to emulate the success movie star Wesley Snipes enjoyed, when he played the half-vampire-half-human creature in the movie trilogy.

Spike TV executive Pancho Mansfield tells AllHipHop.com, "We're extremely pleased with the pilot for Blade, which delivers a thrilling action-adventure for its built-in fan base as well as a character-driven drama filled with heart-pounding tension and suspense.

"The series will be the first of our scripted fare as we embark on creating a greater mix of original programming for our viewers."

The show will make it's US debut on Spike TV in June later this year (06).