Wesley Snipes has dismissed rumours he continues to owe American authorities millions of dollars in back taxes, insisting his bill is fully paid up.
The Hollywood actor was convicted of failing to file a tax return in 2008 and is preparing to report to jail this week (beg06Dec10) to begin serving a three-year sentence.
Snipes, who has spent two years fighting the verdict, reportedly failed to hand over a massive $38 million (£25.3 million), dating back to 1999, but the Blade star is adamant he has paid back all the money he owed and was never trying to avoid settling the tax bill.
He tells Larry King, "They (the press) claimed that there was a certain number that was owed and that number has slid all over the place. And the press has escalated it and changed it a number of times. But we think that we are fully compliant with whatever was owed for the years in question."
And when the host asked if Snipes has now paid, he replied, "Oh, yes, Larry. Not only did I pay, but my position was that I would always pay."