Action man Wesley Snipes is reportedly set to lose a second Florida home in a tax sting.

The BLADE star lost one estate in 2003 through a foreclosure sale and now he has another property at risk near Orlando, according to US news show CELEBRITY JUSTICE.

Officials claim the fallen star owes more than $23,000 (GBP12,100) in back taxes, interest and fines on the house.

The property, assessed at $257,843 (GBP135,700), was scheduled to be auctioned off on Tuesday (12APR05), but the sale has been rescheduled to June (05).

It's one of many headaches for Snipes, who is also in the middle of a two-year-old paternity battle with an Indiana woman.

LANISE PETTIS, claims Snipes is the father of her son, ISRAEL, and has demanded the actor take a DNA test.

When Snipes failed to show for a court-ordered test, a warrant for his arrest was issued. The actor will now be arrested if he sets foot in New York, where the case is being tried.

Meanwhile, Snipes has filed his own appeal to get out of the DNA test.

14/04/2005 02:52