Actor Wesley Snipes has been cleared of fathering the child of a mystery woman after authorities dropped a claim against him.

The BLADE star stood accused of impregnating a woman in Chicago, Illinois, three years ago - but maintained the pair had never even met before the legal proceedings.

The case was dropped by the New York City Law Department when another man took a paternity test establishing him as the child's biological father.

It was also revealed the woman had a history of fabricating stories about celebrities.

Snipes, who had refused to undergo a paternity investigation, said outside court, "The good Lord says 'Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbour'. These are the tenets I live by."

The movie star plans to sue the woman next month (NOV05) over the false claims.

His lawyer ROBERT BERNHOFT says, "What we have here is factual vindication, legal vindication is still to come."