LATEST: Wesley Snipes insists he's been singled out as a "scapegoat" after being indicted on charges of seeking $12 million (GBP6.7 million) in fraudulent tax refunds last month (OCT06). The BLADE actor maintains he has been targetted because his celebrity attracts public interest, and in actual fact he is the victim in the case. He tells Orlando Sentinel columnist SCOTT MAXWELL, "It appears I'm to be the scapegoat, because there's more public interest in celebrities gone bad than rich people being taken advantage of." Snipes insists he is not running away from the charges, because he was already in Namibia filming new movie GALLOWWALKER when he was indicted. He says, "I will abide by the law, seek the protections the law affords me and, as always, seek the advice of competent council in an effort to resolve this issue. "I'm not running, I'm not a fugitive, despite the misrepresentations in the press."