Director Wes Craven was so concerned about plot leaks on the set of the fourth Scream film, he conducted all auditions using scripts from the original horror movie.
The filmmaker struggled to combat a story leak when he made the sequel in 1997 and he was determined not to face the same problems again as he prepared to shoot Scream 4.
He tells New York Magazine, "(The Scream 2 leak) was the first 40 pages of draft, and it ruined that version - set us back about two months.
"We're very, very careful now. On this movie, for the first time, we did all the auditions without the actual script. (The actors) read scenes from Scream 1."
And Craven admits he was surprised when the final cut earned U.S. film censors' approval and was granted an R rating without any objections - because the director was convinced he would face some difficulty securing a wider theatre release.
He says, "I did things I thought would get us into trouble! I can only think that after the Saw films, ours suddenly seemed acceptable."
The script change wasn't the only difference on Scream 4 - actress Emma Roberts recently revealed she auditioned for her role via internet video calling service Skype.