Wes Borland agreed to rejoin Limp Bizkit because he wanted one last taste of rock 'n' roll before he gets old.
The guitarist walked out on the band twice in 2001 and again in late 2004 following a turbulent relationship with frontman Fred Durst.
His departure marked the beginning of a long hiatus before the group announced its reunion at a press conference earlier this year (09).
And the musician admits he turned down offers to work with Marilyn Manson, Korn, and Nine Inch Nails to rejoin his old bandmates before age caught up with him.
Borland says, "Part of it was the thought of what could be before it's too late. I'm at the beginning of my mid-30s and Fred's in his late 30s, and we're not going to be able to do this for much longer without looking ridiculous. I really wanted to do this one more time and end on a positive note."
Speaking about the reunion with Durst, he adds, "We said that we're sorry about things in the past but didn't really get into specifics... I've eaten my words a lot when it comes to our relationship. I ended up realising that I've been an ass in a lot of ways and I sort of put all the blame on (Fred) in the past."
And frontman Durst is ecstatic he's been able to heal his rift with Borland: "I was excited when he walked in the room. We were laughing, talking, having a blast. It felt like family. Families have their disputes. We just moved forward and picked up like we never had a problem."