Former LIMP BIZKIT star Wes Borland's has postponed plans for his new band EAT THE DAY, because he can't find a frontman.

The rocker has posted an statement on the group's official website calling the setback "an indefinite hibernation".

Borland writes, "We went through many auditions and there were a couple of moments in which we thought we had found someone who could fill the slot, only to decide later that the people weren't right for us.

"At this point we moved on to phase two, which was trying to look for someone that was a known singer. This too yielded no results."

Meanwhile, Borland is planning to stay busy this Christmas (03) by working on hobby supergroup Trust Company, which also features former CONCRETE BLONDE singer JOHNETTE NAPOLITANO.

Borland adds, "I feel like I have been absent from the music scene for too long, and I need to be participating again."

18/11/2003 10:07