Director Wes Anderson has commissioned a cologne inspired by his new film, The Grand Budapest Hotel.

The filmmaker's latest project centres on a concierge at a Central European hotel, played by Ralph Fiennes, who has a penchant for spritzing himself with a fragrance called L'Air de Panache.

Anderson, who previously described the scent to the New York Observer as having a "Russian quality, like Orthodox incense", decided to bring the cologne to life with the help of perfumer Mark Buxton.

Experts at Buxton's French boutique Nose have now created a complex aroma, which is described on the store's website as a "return to the wild forest".

While L'Air de Panache is not available for purchase, fragrance fans can stop by the Paris boutique to get a whiff of the scent, and it will be displayed at the various premieres for the film around the world.