The Cannes Film Festival kicked off for the 65th time on Wednesday (May 16, 2012), with American indie director Wes Anderson's latest star-studded movie 'Moonrise Kingdom'. The childlike tale, starring Bruce Willis and Bill Murray, opened the festival and received a warm reception.
The film follows two young children who decide to run away with each other, prompting the local townspeople to form a search people. Moonrise Kingdom boasts an impressive cast - which also includes the hapless scoutmaster played by Edward Norton and a social services worked played by Tilda Swinton. The Guardian's Peter Bradshaw - who scored 'Tree of Life' five-out-of-five at last year's Cannes Film Festival - was similarly impressed with this year's opener, saying, "Wes Anderson's elegant new film is eccentric but heartfelt - a souffle of strangeness that rises superbly". David Gritten of the Daily Telegraphed echoed the comments, summarising, "Moonrise Kingdom. is a worthy addition to Anderson's canon - his deadpan wit meshes nicely with a generous view of human imperfections. A mood elevator of a movie, it's an ideal opener to a sunny, blue-skies Cannes".
The movie is the first film to screen in competition for the prestigious Palme d'Or prize. A further 21 movies will also vie for the title over the next two weeks, including the David Cronenberg movie 'Cosmopolis', starring ROBERT PATTINSON.