The actor rose to fame after starring as Michael Scofield in the jailbreak drama in 2005, appearing in four series which aired until 2009.

After a long break Wentworth has returned to the role and has been filming a new season of the show due to air in the U.S. early next year (17).

However he admits he's had to spare himself from the dangerous stunts he'd have performed a decade ago.

"(Stunts are) a lot different at 44 than they were at 34," the actor tells Entertainment Tonight. "I do what I can, but if I need my character to look cool and like he knows what he's doing and my stunt double can execute that better, then I'm happy to step aside. It's just in service of telling the best story possible."

In addition to his age, one reason Wentworth may be less keen on taking on death defying stunts for the new series is an incident involving his co-star Dominic Purcell, who admitted he was "lucky to be alive" after an iron bar fell on his head on set in Marrakech, Morocco.

In a post on Instagram, Dominic, 46, who plays Michael's brother Lincoln Burrows on the show, revealed he had been airlifted to hospital where he required a hundred stitches after breaking his nose in two places.

"I wish I could say I discovered something profound out of my near miss...nothing yet just a broken nose and a hundred stitches in my head," the British-born actor wrote.

"Being airlifted out on a helicopter was another adventure I didn't expect. Thought the b***dy thing was going to fall from the sky!!! What a day it was. Grateful to be alive."

Fans at the Comic-Con event in San Diego, California, where Wentworth was promoting the show, were also treated to a new Prison Break trailer.

The show will debut on U.S. TV network Fox in the new year (17).