Wendie Malick celebrated her 60th birthday yesterday (13.12.10).

The 'Hot In Cleveland' actress was thrilled when her co-stars surprised her with a birthday cake and champagne on the set of the US sitcom, in which she plays the caretaker of a home leased by a number of Los Angeles-based women who have retired in Cleveland.

She explained: "I did not expect this. I am so blessed with just being here with these fabulous women every day that this is like the greatest birthday present I could ask for."

The former model also explained she is pleased to be part of a show which celebrates women "in every stage in their lives", as it has made her more open about her age.

Wendie added to On The Red Carpet: "In this town, it used to be that you sort of hid behind a rock and never shared your age with anyone. This show is, I think, so much about celebrating women in every stage in their lives and I am in such excellent company to do that."