Singing comedian Weird Al Yankovich has accused Eminem of practicing double standards, after the rapper blocked Yankovich's request to spoof the video for his hit track Lose Yourself.

Weird Al has parodied songs by Eminem, Nelly and Avril Lavigne on his new album POODLE HAT, but while the rapper could do very little to block Lose Yourself's comedy makeover under the new title COUCH POTATO, he drew the line at allowing Yankovich to use his image in the accompanying video.

And Yankovich finds Eminem's move strange, considering he also enjoys having a laugh at other people's expense.

He says, "It's a little ironic because Eminem does make fun of other people in his videos quite often and you'd think he wouldn't have a problem with the tables being turned, but oh well..."

09/06/2003 09:07