LATEST: Music funnyman Weird Al Yankovic has pledged to continue touring after the tragic death of his parents, because he's hoping his wacky tunes will help him recover from the double loss.

NICK and MARY YANKOVIC, who were both in their 80s, were discovered dead of carbon monoxide poisoning in their San Diego, California, home on Friday (09APR04). Paramedics found a wood fire had been burning in the fireplace, the house was full of smoke and the flue was closed.

But devastated Yankovic is eager to resume his POODLE HAT tour, because he deems it the perfect way to overcome the tragedy.

He says, "I briefly considered canceling some shows, but I ultimately decided that it would be better for me personally to continue working.

"Plus, I've heard from so many people over the years that my music has cheered them up in times of tragedy... well, I thought maybe my music would help me too. So far, it has."

13/04/2004 20:56