Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo has posted his essay for readmission to America's prestigious HARVARD UNIVERSITY on his website, explaining his band's struggle to complete their latest album.

In the essay, Cuomo details why he left Harvard in 1997, the issues that arose while preparing to record Weezer's fifth album, and his own struggles as his career blossomed.

Cuomo's essay explains why, after the "failure" of the band's second album, PINKERTON, in 1996, he chose not to return to school, but instead to set out "on a mission to develop creative methods which would allow me to be more consistent as an artist".

While Cuomo does not directly state that the band will be completing its next album anytime soon, he does note that his willingness to work has "increased greatly".

As to what effect Cuomo's enrolment at Harvard would have on recording the album, the post explains, "This has been discussed by the band, and it's understood that the school break wouldn't interfere with the album's release, as most albums have a three to four month period of planning, marketing, etc, before release anyway - about the amount of time the semester would require."

02/08/2004 21:32