Weezer have followed in the footsteps of fellow rockers METALLICA - by hiring a therapist to help them complete the sessions for their next album.

Drummer Patrick Wilson was amazed by how quickly the band began to heal once they accepted the advice of producer Rick Rubin, and agreed to allow a councillor into the studio.

Wilson says, "The results were astounding. The most simple realisations turned into revelations.

"It felt great to say things like, 'You said something and it made me mad.' It seems really stupid now. I don't know why we didn't just say it all in the first place.

"We were having problems talking to each other. We had the same old s**t going on that all bands have. There was a lot of 'I hate you' and 'you hate me'.

"It's amazing that we've been together so long and we've had so many years of not communicating. We've just been sweeping so much stuff under the rug."

Footage of Metallica in the midst of group therapy famously featured in last year's (04) award-winning documentary SOME KIND OF MONSTER.

Weezer's fifth album, MAKE BELIEVE, is set for release in May (05).

30/03/2005 17:47