Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo was stunned when he walked in on a recording session with the outlandish Jackass pranksters - because they were so "timid" in the studio.
The rockers team up with Johnny Knoxville and his TV stuntmen for the track Memories for their upcoming album Hurley, but Cuomo reveals his old pal surprised him when he discovered they were spending their studio downtime with their families instead of pulling off the crazy antics they're known for.
He tells the Los Angeles Times, "It's funny, there's about 30 people there (recording studio); little kids, parents, and it's just this giant bizarre family scene.
"I was actually kind of surprised at how timid the Jackass guys were, because they do such terrifying stunts on the show, but it seemed like some of them were kind of afraid to sing in front of other people."
But Cuomo admits he's always excited to work with the Jackass stars because they've been pals for so long: "It's been great getting to work with Johnny Knoxville from time to time, because we were all friends with him when before he had any success and before Weezer got off the ground."