Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo was convinced he was going to die when he was trapped in his tour bus after a freak crash in December (09).
The Buddy Holly hitmakers were forced to cancel their North American tour after Cuomo was admitted to hospital with a punctured lung and five broken ribs which he sustained when the vehicle swerved into a ditch.
And the singer admits he feared for his life while waiting to be rescued from the wreckage.
He tells MTV.com, "I remember waking up as the bus was swerving, and I didn't think anything of it, because the bus has swerved so many times and nothing bad has ever happened. And the next thing I remember, the accident was over, and I couldn't move. I could barely speak. I was trapped there, and I couldn't move at all, and it was really scary.
"I was definitely thinking, 'Well, maybe this is it for me. Maybe I'm on the way out here.' But I don't remember any impact."
The star is now set to undergo alternative therapy in a bid to further his recovery.
He adds, "I'm about to go under this 45-day meditation retreat, and one of the things that happens to me in these courses is that my memory gets razor-sharp, so I'm expecting that a lot of the accident is going to come back to me."