Wedding Crashers star Owen Wilson is terrified of getting a massage after an embarrassing encounter with a male masseur in Las Vegas, Nevada. The star and his brother, Luke Wilson, went to Sin City for a relaxing weekend and Owen decided to get a massage to relieve some stress. He explains, "I don't like massages. I had kind of an odd experience where I was in Las Vegas with Luke to do some gambling and as part of the room package we had this spa treatment on the house. "So I head down there and they give me my towel and I head into this little room and this guy comes in and that's not the dream for a massage... "So I'm like, OK, it's a sports therapeutic massage. Then the guy starts working on me and he's like, 'Are you married?' "I thought that was kind of like a weird question, I thought by saying no that I was kind of saying I wanted the 'when in Rome special' or something. "I said no and he kind of keeps working on me and then he's like, 'Here with your girlfriend?' and then I was like, even though I was only there with Luke, I was like, "Yes, I'm here with my girlfriend!' because at this point he'd begun doing what I can only describe as these little 'porn slaps' on my back. I felt so kind of like....dirty." The STARSKY + HUTCH star thought it would be hilarious to humiliate his brother and recommended he get a massage from the same masseur. He adds, "My massage ended, mercifully, and I go back to the room and then Luke comes back from gambling and I said, 'Man do I have something to rejuvenate you! "You've got to go down to the gym and get a massage. It'll turn your day around!'"