Wayne Rooney turned down the offer to appear in one of the most downloaded music videos on the internet at the moment - because he thought it wasn't cool.

The Sun newspaper claims that Manchester United boy wonder Rooney, a huge hip-hop fan, turned down a request by US rockers Nickelback to appear in their new video as he doesn't like rock music.

Rooney, who is friends with US rap stars 50 Cent and P Diddy, would have starred alongside Nelly Furtado and Gene Simmons from KISS in the video for Rock Star.

ZZ Top and Kid Rock also appeared in the video.

A source at the band's music label told the paper: "It's the number one video download on iTunes and the album has shifted over seven million copies in the States.

"They wanted superstars from sport in the video too and as Ryan in the band supports Man U they approached Wayne to appear."

Apparently Rooney turned it down as "he only listens to hip-hop and thought it would be bad for his street cred", according to the source.

The THIS IS HOW YOU REMIND ME rockers made do with top ice hockey player WAYNE GRETZKY instead.

26/09/2007 17:01:31