Wayne Newton, the Las Vegas singer and entertainer, has been accused of sexually intimidating a young female worker, by his former business partner. The man also claims he invested millions to turn Newton's Vegas mansion into a museum, but that the singer torpedoed the project, reports Tmz.com.
According to the lawsuit, the Vegas icon was "so sexually reprehensible and intimidating" to a young female worker that she quit and later threatened to sue. The man claims that Newton "engaged in obnoxious sexual behaviour", forcing the girl to withstand "wet, sloppy and disgusting" kisses that were "clearly of a sexual nature". It reportedly left the girl feeling violated, with the suit adding, "She had to brace herself every time she saw him for this inevitable assault". Elsewhere in the documents, Newton and his family are accused of inferring with the development of plans to turn his mansion into a museum, failing to remove horses and "vicious dogs" from the property and refusing to turn over memorabilia crucial to the operation.
Newton's ex-business partner is suing for breach of contract and fraud and demands unspecified damages. The young girl cited in the legal papers is yet to file her own lawsuit.