A planned documentary about rock legends MC5 has been caught up in a nasty row - bandmember Wayne Kramer insists he hasn't been credited properly.

The guitarist is far from happy with the finished MC5: A TRUE TESTIMONIAL film, and has prompted the RCA VICTOR GROUP to cancel the 4 May (04) release.

Kramer claims documentary makers LAUREL LEGLER and Dave Thomas promised he would be credited as a music producer and, as a result, he was interviewed for the film, and says he was instrumental in securing the participation of other "key players".

MC5: A True Testimonial was screened in 2002 at film festivals. After Kramer learned about the pending DVD and theatrical releases of the film, he asked WARNER-CHAPPELL MUSIC, which handles the group's music publishing, to withhold a license for the use of the band's songs in the film.

14/04/2004 09:14