Wayne Bridge dressed up Frankie Sandford's dogs before he proposed to her.

The Saturdays singer has opened up about the romantic scene where her English soccer star boyfriend popped the question and was especially delighted when he rounded up her pet pooches to share the moment, playing the vital role of holding the engagement ring.

Speaking on British radio to the Capital Breakfast Show with Dave & Lisa, Frankie recalled: ''Wayne took me to a hotel and he got my dogs involved.

''I didn't know my dogs were there and they came in in little bride and groom outfits. And Pixie had the ring around her neck on a ribbon.''

While the pretty brunette appreciated the gesture, she admits not everyone may share her excitement.

She said: ''I think for people who aren't dog fans it's a bit of a weird proposal so I feel like I only want to tell people who like dogs.

''Presley did have one leg out because [his outfit] obviously didn't fit him very well.''

Frankie, 24, has previously joked at how hard it would be for Wayne to propose with all the pressure resting on him, but she was still surprised when he got down on one knee as she began to ''panic'' about their awkwardness at the dinner table.

She added: ''He'd been acting so weird that when he left to come back in and do the whole proposal thing in my head I was thinking, 'Oh no we've become one of those couples that can't make conversation at dinner'.

''I was panicking! But it was because he was pooing himself all night. And then my family came in and surprised us.''

The couple shared their happy news last week (08.04.13) after having dated since late 2010.