Warwick Davis wishes he had been offered a role in the 'Leprechaun' remake.

The 'Life's Too Short' actor portrayed the evil folklore creature in the previous six instalments in the franchise but has not yet been offered a part in the forthcoming series reboot.

He told Digital Spy: ''I wish the film the best of luck. It would have been nice to have done something in it, even if it was only a cameo as myself, that would have been kind of fun. We'll see what happens there.

''There are a lot of fans out there for the series. I would have loved to have been a part of it. It wasn't down to me not wanting to do it, I wasn't asked.''

However, the actor - who last appeared as the Leprechaun in 2003's 'Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood' - thinks it is good for the series to have a fresh start.

He added: ''All projects have to go through another phase, they move on. So maybe this is the next phase in the Leprechaun franchise's life.''

A cast and director for the 'Leprechaun' remake have not been announced.