British actor Warwick Davis was overcome with emotion as he visited a former Nazi concentration camp for a new U.K. Tv documentary about a dwarf family which survived the Holocaust.

The Harry Potter star, who has dwarfism, visited the infamous Auschwitz-Birkenau camp in Germany in December (12) to investigate the story of the Ovitz family, a Jewish musical troupe who survived imprisonment during World War Ii.

Writing for Britain's The Sun newspaper, he explains, "I made my way to the ramp where, on May 18, 1944, seven dwarf siblings - the largest dwarf family in the world - arrived after a three-day journey in a cattle truck from a Hungarian-Romanian ghetto.

"Of every 10 people who stepped on to that ramp, nine were sent directly to the gas chambers. Standing in that exact spot, I was overcome with emotion and understood what historians meant when describing the 'weight of history'...

"While other dwarfs worked as sideshow freaks, the Ovitzes refined their craft and performed all over Europe as the Lilliput Troupe. I felt an affinity."

The Ovitz family was spared death so camp doctor Josef Mengele could carry out experiments on them, and Davis admits he learned a lot from his visit.

He adds, "I feel extremely fortunate to live in this time of freedom, where my family can live a normal, happy life. We must never forget the lessons from history and the importance of family."

The show will air in the U.K. later this month (Mar13).