British actor Warwick Davis will star in a new travel comedy series with his family.

The Harry Potter star's latest Tv venture will follow him as he explores holiday destinations across Britain with his family - wife Samantha and children, Annabelle, 17 and Harrison, 11, who all have dwarfism.

The family will travel around the country in a camper van and they hope the programme will give the public an insight into living with dwarfism.

Davis' wife Samantha was reluctant at first but adds, "The more I thought about it the more I thought, 'Maybe we should'. Partly to give the kids a big adventure, and partly to make a point about what it means to be us. I think sometimes people think little people like us are restricted. I hope they watch us charging about like lunatics in our camper van and think again."

Weekend Escapes with Warwick Davis airs in the U.K. from 11 April (14). The actor has previously appeared in Ricky Gervais' travel show An Idiot Abroad.