Diminutive HARRY POTTER star Warwick Davis is planning a new movie about a tiny secret agent.

Davis, who first found fame in 1988 fantasy adventure Willow, has been working on a script for AGENT ONE-HALF for almost 20 years - and he's hoping to recruit a Hollywood big-hitter and bevvy of short stars for the film he will both star in and produce.

He says, "We have a major name now who is interested in doing the movie, but I can't mention him by name yet. Once I can, that will really help us get the money and backers and everything behind the film so that we can go ahead and make it.

"If we get the money, we could start shooting it just a few months after that. And when it happens, I'll get to work with my other friends in the business who are also short, a lot of the people who were with me in Willow, and several of the short people who are well known in America would be in it . So it's my dream project and I'd love to see it come to fruition."

Davis describes Agent One-Half as being loosely based on James Bond but with a unique twist.

He adds, "The basic concept is that spies typically appear to be suave and sophisticated, but they're not really the heroes. The heroes are these four agents who are hidden under the roulette table, hidden behind the potted plant.

"They're the ones doing all the work while these other guys take the credit. All their code names are fractions. So my name would be One-Half and then there's Seven-Eighths and Two-Thirds."

15/04/2005 09:04