Tragic rocker Warren Zevon's final album has seen a spike in sales following the singer's death on Sunday (07SEP03).

Zevon, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer a year ago (02), recorded THE WIND with pals like The Eagles, Bruce Springsteen and Jackson Browne in his final months.

The album has already been credited as being one of the rocker's finest and now Zevon is tasting real chart success from beyond the grave.

Sales of the album, which was released late last month (AUG03), have reached the number one position on leading Internet shopping site AMAZON.COM.

Zevon's 2002 Best Of album, GENIUS, has also seen a rise in sales on Amazon since the singer's death, and his 1996 album I'LL SLEEP WHEN I'M DEAD has reached the number six position, with a 350 per cent increase in sales.

10/09/2003 21:20