Warren G was left speechless during rehearsals for the Coachella finale with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg when he saw the Tupac Shakur hologram for the first time.
The hip-hop stars stunned fans at the California music festival by unveiling a 3D video projection of the late rapper during their Sunday night (15Apr12) show, and Warren G, who also performed at the finale, admits he was shocked to see Shakur performing from beyond the grave.
He tells MTV.com, "When I first seen it (sic) when we were in rehearsal, it gave me chills. I was like, 'Whoa, wow,' because it looked like him, it talked like him, it just moved like him, it's just like, 'Damn'. It was a trip."
Kendrick Lamar was also on stage for the closing night show and was amazed by his rap idol's surprise appearance, adding, "It just let you know that this dude was great and he'll live forever when you got people that's willing to go out and spend damn near millions to make a hologram on you. It was just a crazy feeling, made me think of that one moment when I seen dude in real life...
"When I finally got to see it along with the other hundred thousand people, it was just something that I didn't think nobody (sic) could ever do. I didn't even know this dude was thinking up no crazy s**t like that."