Warren Beatty was on the brink of starring in Kill Bill before QUENTIN TARANTINO changed his mind - but the maverick director has promised the star a part in his next film.

The Pulp Fiction filmmaker had picked Beatty to play villain BILL, but plumped for David Carradine instead after reading the veteran's autobiography.

Quentin says, "Warren was a good choice and would have been wonderful in the movie. But at the same point as I was writing, I read David's autobiography, ENDLESS HIGHWAY, and it made me think that he could really play Bill."

However, Beatty was happy with the decision, and Tarantino has vowed to work with him on his next project.

He says, "There was no animosity. This is not the movie for Warren and I to have our first marriage with. Another movie down the line will be better for that."

20/04/2004 13:38