Hollywood lothario Warren Beatty was so jealous of a steamy scene between then-girlfriend Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland, he travelled to Britain to get it axed.
The Bonnie And Clyde star was furious at the saucy shoot in 1973 flick Don't Look Now - which sparked rumours of an affair between long-term partner Christie and Sutherland because of the pair's fiery on-screen chemistry.
And he was so upset by the scene, Beatty journeyed to the English home of producer Michael Deeley in a bid to get it cut from the final edit.
Deeley tells BBC Radio 4, "Warren came over to England and knocked on my door one night to say 'Cut it out of the picture', but there was absolutely no way I could.
"My company had made it and it was the most beautiful lovemaking scene with Donald Sutherland."
However despite Deeley insisting the duo were merely acting, he understands Beatty's anger.
He adds, "There had been a similar sort of fuss with Donald Sutherland on another picture, called Klute, with Jane Fonda.
"There had been talk of them having an affair, which doesn't mean to say they did at all, and more than there was any truth in the idea that Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie were actually having sex, they were not, they were acting.
"In event here were two of (Beatty's) girlfriends or former girlfriends, being looked after rather cosily by Donald Sutherland."