Actor Warren Beatty is suing a US newspaper publisher for $30 million (GBP15.7 million) in damages, claiming he still has the film rights to DICK TRACY and plans to shoot a sequel.

Beatty, who starred in and directed the 1990 movie, based on the classic comic strip, is seeking the cash payment from TRIBUNE CO and an official ruling that he still owns film and other rights.

According to the complaint, which was filed on Friday (13MAY05) in Los Angeles Superior Court, Beatty obtained film, television and other rights in Dick Tracy from Tribune in a 1985 agreement.

In the suit, Beatty claims that Tribune then moved to reclaim the rights in 2002, in violation of various notification procedures.

The first Dick Tracy film was the ninth highest grossing for 1990, raking in $100 million (GBP52.6 million) that year.

17/05/2005 02:47