Download: War Of Words Free Your Minds Mixtape

Download: War Of Words Free Your Minds Mixtape

War Of Words just posted a mixtape.

Yeah, yeah, i know: everyone does a mixtape, don't they. BUT NOT LIKE THIS.

It's got SNAP!, TLC, BLACK BOX and an amazing new War of Words original called Sympathy.

The girls explained: "We wanted to create a mixtape of some tracks that have influenced our songwriting over the past year or so. It just so happened that all the ones we chose are early-90's dance music orientated. We've mixed them with three tracks of our own - our two new singles 'Panic' and 'Battleground' and a BRAND NEW track 'Sympathy'. "

Track by track

We chose Rhythm Is A Dancer because it's one of those songs that just makes you wanna get up and dance.

Creep is absolutely one of our favourite TLC tracks, and they were just an awesome group.

Panic is just a great pop song about the panicky feeling you get when you first fall for someone.

Battleground is an emotional song about a war between lovers.

Everybody Everybody is just a really fun song and we love the powerful female vocals that Black Box bring.

Sympathy is a new song to feast you're ears on, it's more dancey than Panic and Battleground, and brings loads of female attitude.

You Used To Hold Me is probably at bit most obscure, but I think it's actually my favourite - there's just something really cool about it.